Address: 2620:10a:3000:3224::124

Welcome to Tulane’s IPv6 page

This page was created to help spread the word about Tulane’s deployment of IPv6 on the network.  IPv6 is the Internet's next-generation protocol which will replace the current Internet Protocol, IP Version 4.

The IPv4 pool is running out of addresses.  IPv6 increases the IP address size from 32 bits to 128 bits which means there will be many more available addresses. 

IPv6 usage will be transparent and users should not notice when their network device is using IPv6 instead of IPv4. When an IPv6 capable computer looks up the hostname for a target system, it will prefer the IPv6 address if one is available. 

Tulane University runs IPv6 alongside the existing IPv4 network.  This dual-stack implementation will ease the transition to IPv6. Tunneling protocols will not be supported.

IPv6 is supported out of the box by Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and most Linux/Unix variants such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD.

The IPv6 space reserved for TULANE is 2620:10a:3000/40.

To have your IPv6 capable web page registered in DNS, please open up a ticket with the help desk.

Testing IPv6 connectivity: